SUBSTITUTE VOUCHERS,  are a great way to provide your school as well as Central office the information needed to both pay your Substitute, as well as update the Teachers attendance/pay information!  A slip for both the Substitute and the Teacher provide documentation of work time.  The log created, at the same time, provides the central office the info needed for updating payroll.

Starter Kits:

SV-05     1 Binder     1 Pegboard     500 Duplicate Substitute vouchers      $215.30

SV-10      1 Binder     1 Pegboard    1000 Duplicate Substitute Vouchers    $244.00

SV-25     1 Binder     1 Pegboard    2500 Duplicate Substitute Vouchers    $412.15

SV-50     1 Binder     1 Pegboard    5000 Duplicate Substitute Vouchers    $660.55

SV-75      1 Binder    1 Pegboard     7500 Duplicate Substitute Vouchers    $912.40

SV-100     1 Binder    1 Pegboard  10,000 Duplicate Substitute Vouchers   $1,132.60