Samples of some of the more popular check in and out passes

Samples of some of the more popular check in and out passes

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And it began when.......

A principal said " There has to be a better way to check students in and out of school"

So our team went to work!  With an explanation from him that the staff was writing a pass to the student, writing the same info another time to create a copy for the office, then logging the data into the attendance system each day a solution was created! 

SOLUTION (used by thousands of schools of every level)

As passes are written an attendance log is created. Providing a great data entry document! 

Custom designed with the data you want.

  • Use your school colors

  • Printed with your Mascot

  • Last column on the log can be reserved to mark as excused, absence/check in, as written notes from parents (Dr., etc.,) are received in days following absence

  • Column on left side of journal can be used to indicate data has been entered into attendance software.

  • Helps with possibility of Fraudulent passes, as passes are attached to attendance log and customized!



  • LPS-05 1 Binder, I pegboard, 500 Notices $215.30

  • LPS-10 1 Binder, I pegboard, 1000 Notices $244.00

  • LPS-25 1 Binder, I pegboard, 2500 Notices $412.15

  • LPS-50 1 Binder, I pegboard, 5000 Notices $660.00




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