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Tracking Records

The Guidance Counsel explained how she struggled with keeping up with record request from Students prior school.

Problem solved!!

  • When writing the request form a log is created

  • Request form drops into envelope displaying both the name of your school and the name and address of the school record is requested from (no addressing envelope)

  • Column on right hand side of log is available to enter the date the record is received.

  • Column on left hand side records when records are sent to another school.


Starter kits

TCW-2   1 Pegboard, 1 storage binder, 200
Envelopes, 200 Request forms-------$211.35

TCW-5---1 Pegboard, 1 storage binder, 500
Envelopes, 500 Request forms-------$244.85

TCW-10---1 Pegboard, 1 storage binder, 1000
Envelopes, 1000 Request forms-------$298.65